Here at Bunny & Gnome, we care about creating games that make the world a better place. To do that, we need to understand how efficient our games are at what they do: being fun and educating people. At the same time, we make a point to ensure kids and families can enjoy our games without concerns for their privacy and safety.

This short document explains what kind of data is collected by the game “Trash Monsters”, what happens to it, and what it is used for.


This is important for us. The game never shares any personal information to any party. In fact, the game doesn’t even have access to any kind of personal data, or data that could be used to directly identify players or device owners.

In particular, the game does not have access to: player nickname, player demographics (age, gender), device location, device owner account, phone contacts, phone SMS or other apps contents.


Read third-party privacy policy for Unity Analytics.

The game relies on technology called Unity Analytics to monitor and collect data about player activities within the game. As an example, the data we collect includes, but is not limited to, the following game-related indicators: screens the player visits, trash waves the player has completed (including score), trash items the player has sorted, mini-games the player has completed (including score)...

The collected data is only processed internally by ourselves (Bunny & Gnome GbR), in order to understand the players’ experience in the game, and ultimately improve it.

All collected data is strictly anonymized: we never get to match playing behavior to player identities, and that is because, as stated before, the game doesn’t collect any kind of personal data.

The collected data also includes the following technical information about the device used by the player: brand, model, operating system and version. The data does not include the IP address used by the device to connect to Unity Analytics, though Unity Analytics does have access to this information.

Please note that even though Unity Analytics has support for demographics analysis (age and gender), the game does not use this feature and never collects or transmits such data to Unity Analytics. However, Unity Analytics does have the possibility to determine the country where the player is located.


Read third-party privacy policy for Unity.

The game is built using Unity, a game engine which requires access to some technical information about the player’s device in order to work properly: device manufacturer, hardware components, device and network identifiers, user language etc. The collected techincal data is sent to Unity and aggregated in publicly-available statistics. The game has no control over how Unity uses such information.

Please read Unity’s privacy policy for details about data collected by Unity.


By European law, all users of the game have the right to require access, modification, and erasure of the collected information.

Furthermore, users have the right to object to data collection, which effectively stops any kind of data collection altogether. You can use your right to object to stop the game from collecting any data, by going to the Options menu from within the game, and tapping on the privacy button. You will be led to a Unity Analytics page, from where you will be able to opt-out permanently from data collection.

If you have any question regarding your rights about data, please write an e-mail to